Hey guys,

This is for all you gear-heads out there who sneak into soundchecks at the crack of dusk when the engineer’s gone for coffee to take pictures of the guitarist’s pedal board (yes, I know who you are!).

So, ready… set … GEEK OUT!


Fender Strat – w/Hotrail in bridge and TEX-MEX in middle and neck

Aria Pro II Archtop

Frank Gambale Signature Model IbanezIbanez Floral Jem (1989)

Takamine G-Series Acoustic Guitar

Crafter FSG 250EQ Acoustic Guitar

Peavey NECWY108S-N Nylon-Strung Guitar

6-String Banjo

Amplification and Effects

Engl Sovereign 100Watt Amplifier

AER Compact 60

Marshall VS100 Combo Amplifier

Voodoo Lab Pedal Power

Cry Baby Wah-Pedal

Boss CE-2 Chorus

Boss CS-2 Compressor

Boss PS-2 Digital Pitch Shifter / Delay

Boss TR-2 Tremolo

Boss AW-3 Dynamic-Wah

Boss Chromatic Tuner

Electro-Harmonix Small Stone Phase Shifter

Carbon Copy Analogue Delay

Exotic AC Booster

PODXT Live Unit (everyone makes mistakes)

2006-ISSUE Cookworks Kettle (caffeine, caffeine, caffeine…)


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