Paul Jackson Jr ‘Science of Rhythm Guitar’ Transcription

A few people have been asking me to transcribe some of Paul Jackson jr’s ‘Science of Rhythm Guitar’, specifically from this clip:



Here is one time around the chord sequence (1:56 in the video). It gives a nice insight into the style of rhythm guitar Paul is demonstrating in the clip. There are some nice licks to lift from this but the main point of the excerpt is to understand the style and concept behind the part.

I hope you enjoy the clip and transcription – I’ve got the rest hand-written, so let me know in the comments below if you’d like me to computerise the rest of the transcription so you can read it on the blog.



This type of guitar playing is quite fashionable in some circles but the majority of intermediate players simply force their favourite one or two chord licks into a sequence without really hearing the overall musical effect of their efforts. Don’t be that guy!

This sort of player will learn a couple of licks for a minor chord, a couple for a major 7 chord, practice them until they’re almost smooth and then start trying to use them on a gig. This rushed approach will do your playing a great disservice.

To sound really authentic, it’s important to drill a lick more thoroughly – take it through all twelve keys, learn it in different positions, understand why it works, note the intervals in use, explore variations.  Go deeper with the concept, ingrain it into your hands and your ears, and then come up with your own approach. Remember the learning process: imitate, assimilate, innovate.




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