Amp Death Emergency!

Hi guys,

Long story short, I recently found myself in the middle of the English channel with a dead Amp. Despite a full (and expensive) service at a respected London guitar store literally two days before the trip, my amp died. After checking every part of the signal chain, it became clear that the naughty standby switch was malfunctioning somehow, causing the amp to remain in permanent standby-mode. Without a soldering iron and other tools to hand, all I could resort to in terms of repair was a swift kick the grill (which didn’t work).

We arrived in Hull the next day and found a fantastic husband and wife repair team at ADR Soundsense. Mack and Liz graciously welcomed our impromptu visit to their workshop and repaired the amp in record time for that night’s gig – amazing!

Mack’s about as hip as they come, here’s a picture of us at his home workshop.

The Gandalf of Amp Repair

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